Individuality of your design.
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High Quality Uniforms
suitform creates the most reliable and well-tailored professional attire. We are pursuing this goal for 60 years now, and our returning customers and expanding worldwide clientele are living proof of a job well done.

Uniforms and Corporate clothing

High Quality Uniforms

Suitform® is one of the leading companies in the professional attire industry. We stand for style and modern elegance. Our mission is to bring quality, design, and comfort to every professional's wardrobe around the globe. We provide a distinct sense of refinement, craftsmanship, excellent fit, and personalization according to each customer's needs.

Individuality of your style.

Best Quality Tailor

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Individuality of your design. Our Numbers Speak About Everything.

High Quality Uniforms



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High Quality Tailor
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High Quality

It all began in 1961, with our craftsmanship knowledge that was put into practice creatively. Since then, the passion has grown and so has the service. Our mind is always set on improving the uniforms and satisfying the people that wear them, offering them the highest possible quality on all levels thus creating a family business we are very proud of. Today, Suitform continues the legacy and is run by the second generation of the Bardakos family.

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High Quality Tailor

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