Bespoke Projects

Listening to clients’ requirements
Consult with us about your needs
Offering professional and unique designs
Fitting and sizing
Producing in-house: Dedicated to quality, attention to details and service


Huge selection of casual clothing and accessories
Purchased and worn immediately


Graphic design
Embroideries and screen printing

Budget Control

Prepare Budgets
Retrieve and reissue uniforms
We can help you manage your uniform spend

Choice of materials

Different textiles, materials, colors
The options are endless of creating comfort Italian style
Clothing Accessories selection list
Exclusive textiles development

Complete Project Solutions

Meeting needs in the field of linen equipment (interior outfitting)
Manufacture of corporate accessories (Face masks, umbrellas, bags etc.)


Possibility of order storage
Storage can be done by size or style

Packaging - Delivery

Compliance with all sanitary packaging protocols
Delivery can be done by name and position
We box and label uniforms
Unique packaging

Client contact

Inviting clients to visit the workshop and showroom in Piraeus
Travelling all around the world to meet clients
After-sales services


It all began in 1961, with our craftsmanship knowledge that was put into practice creatively. Since then, the passion has grown and so has the service. Our mind is always set on improving the uniforms and satisfying the people that wear them, offering them the highest possible quality on all levels thus creating a family business we are very proud of. Today, Suitform continues the legacy and is run by the second generation of the Bardakos family.

  • 9 Services
  • 60 Years
  • 5500 Clientele
  • 90000 Uniforms


the highest quality with the finest materials and best manufacturers.

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