It all began in 1961, with our craftsmanship knowledge that was put into practice creatively. Since then, the passion has grown and so has the service. Our mind is always set on improving the uniforms and satisfying the people that wear them, offering them the highest possible quality on all levels thus creating a family business we are very proud of. Today, Suitform continues the legacy and is run by the second generation of the Bardakos Family.


Our business is based on creating the most reliable and well-tailored uniforms. We have been pursuing this goal with passion for half a century. Returning customers and growing clientele worldwide have rewarded our efforts. By customer, we not only mean the purchaser of our products, who seeks for an impeccable image. We also mean the end user, the one that will feel comfortable and supported by our work on a daily basis. Our passion drives us even further. We want to offer more than the expected and continuously improve the standards of our products and service, as well as our company’s development, by investing in design. Top quality and top customer satisfaction is our utmost aim.

Our company aims at promoting ‘’Made in Greece’’. It is of fundamental importance to us to support greek suppliers and manufacturers, in an attempt to re-establish the greek manufacturing industry. That includes among other things, less time for the production as the delivery of goods to our clients. Quality is something our clients should not negotiate for. We do not view our garments just as disposable items. Our goal is to provide quality to any corporate business uniforms whose endurance will respond to the demands and needs through multiple seasons. With our clients in mind, we focus on the creation of well-made, high-quality clothes of timeless design.


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