A new era has begun!

 Hotel uniforms get revamped for Millennials. 

93% of millennials say they want a job where they can be themselves at work and that includes dressing in a way that makes them comfortable and stylish.

When Architecture meets Fashion

Apostolos Kontodimas, architecture and decorator talks to us from his company office, a-design www.adesign.gr, about how the market strongly developed the need for renewal and how this also led to the design re-approach to professional clothing. 


12 Tips How to Wear a Suit

You chose Suitform to have a special and flawless look!

Now we are here to give you the right tips to take off your ensemble!

Here are our top 12 unspoken rules of "How to Wear a Men's Suit".


Discover your style!

There are so many celebrations to attend during this festive season. Of course, you want to look stylish for each of them. With an endless list of events, each requiring a different dress code, picking your Christmas party outfits has never been so exciting.

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