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Suitform®, founded in 1961, in Piraeus, offers the highest quality of bespoke professional attire. Craftsmanship is at the heart of the company since the beginning, and our creative passion has never stopped growing. We focus on improving not only our collections but also the customer experience. In this way, we are proud to have created a second-generation family business today that expands its legacy even further.






Suitform® presents five collections: Suitform, Studio, SF'61, Wellness, and Cuisine. Apart from the clothing (bespoke and ready-to-wear), we offer a range of accessories, from scarves, ties, and belts to socks and shoes, to complete the image. Through our collections, we can provide our customers with a lifestyle. Our motto is: Well-dressed people, render better. The goal is to create the most reliable and well-tailored professional attire. We are pursuing this goal for 60 years now, and our returning customers and expanding worldwide clientele are living proof of a job well done.










We listen. We research. We design. We propose. We create.
Our work revolves around our clients. We love to take care of your needs with respect and professionalism and create something unique to you and of quality. Uniqueness and quality are not negotiable to us. We do not see our garments as disposable items but as an extension of the person wearing them. Our purpose is to combine our know-how with our modern equipment to help us make your dreams come to life and fulfill your vision.
We aim to promote the movement: Made in Greece. It is of fundamental importance to us to support greek suppliers and manufacturers. In this way, we attempt to re-establish the greek clothing industry and tradition. In turn, we can have a faster production line and therefore deliver our goods to our customers faster
This is our job, and we love it!







Integrity: We build trust through responsible and transparent actions and honest relationships.
Quality: We provide high-value services and products that ensure customers' satisfaction and the company's growth.
Accountability: Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results.
Respect: We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism. It is a pure reflection of all aspects of our lives.
Constant improvement: We are committed to the professional attire industry and strive to evolve in an ever-growing business. We are willing to grow our skillset and stay ahead of relevant technology. 


Suitform® is one of the leading companies in the professional attire industry. We stand for style and modern elegance. Our mission is to bring quality, design, and comfort to every professional's wardrobe around the globe. We provide a distinct sense of refinement, craftsmanship, excellent fit, and personalization according to each customer's needs.










We strive to create a better everyday life in style for every professional through their wardrobe.

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