Our Terms & Conditions

1.1 The term ‘company’ means the company under the name «SUITFORM», which is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of professional uniforms.

1.2 The term ‘customer’ means the person or legal entity the company has undertaken to supply with uniforms and accessories of their choice

1.3 The term ‘product’ or ‘good’ means a garment, shoe or accessory in its final form that is part of a uniform designed for professional use.

1.4 The term ‘raw material’ means any material used in manufacturing garments, shoes or accessories, such as cloth, leather, lining, buttons.

1.5 The term ‘collection’ means the company’s uniform collection, which includes costumes, footwear and accessories necessary for a uniform of professional use.

1.6 The term ‘study’ means the work carried out to develop a range of costumes and accessories specially designed for a particular customer.

1.7 The term ‘written notice’ or ‘written’ or ‘in writing’ means any notice in paper form, letter, facsimile (fax) or email.

2. The customer’s order to the company will be placed in writing. The company is considered committed to execute the order once it has addressed the client a written acceptance.

3. Product prices are fixed by the company. Prices are valid until the date indicated on each company’s offer. After this date, the company may adjust prices without prior notice. When a client places an order with the company, it presumed that he accepts the prices of the offer, unless otherwise agreed. The customer, who wishes to change the products’ specifications or add new elements, after the offer, must send a written request to the company. In this case, the company reserves the right to adjust the prices. After he has sent the order, the customer is not entitled to ask for a change in the specifications of the products, drawings or models chosen. Depending on the volume of the order, the company reserves unilaterally the right to a make a discount to the customer. Payment must be done once the products are shipped. If the company considers it necessary, it shall be entitled to require payment in advance for the execution of the order, the amount of which can reach 50% of the total price. In exceptional cases, the company reserves the right to require full payment of the entire order.

4. Before the final contract, the customer has the right to ask the company to sample its collection. In such a case, the customer undertakes the cost for the sampling. If after the sampling, the parts do not come to an agreement, the customer is committed not to disclose to third parties and diffuse designs, patterns and color combinations brought to his knowledge during the sampling, otherwise, the company has the right to claim compensation.

5. If at the end of a sampling, the customer declares that he will place an order with the company, a preliminary agreement is concluded and the customer is required to pay an amount to the company as a deposit. If, finally, there is no contract concluded, the deposit is not returned.

6. If the client, after the conclusion of the contract, cancels the order, he is required to indemnify the company for the entire order.

7. The amount of goods and time of delivery to the customer are each time specifically agreed between parties.

8. The company is committed to deliver the goods at the time agreed. Exceptionally, the customer has the right to inform the company that he wishes a delivery of the goods earlier than the time originally agreed. In this case additional charge may be required. The customer loses this right, if more than ¼ of the time of delivery as originally agreed, has passed. The customer bears exclusively the cost of transportation of the raw materials to the manufacturer in case he/she asks for earlier delivery.

9. The customer is obliged to secure the company with a bank letter of credit in its favor for the agreed price. If the client does not send, within the prescribed, each time by the company, period, the documents proving the existence of a bank letter of credit in its favor, the company reserves the right not to execute the order, without prior notice and without refund.

10. The company is responsible for finding the raw material and for the manufacture of products by suppliers of its choice. The company is engaged to execute the order according to the customer’s instructions and is committed to excellent quality of the raw material for the clothing and accessories as well as the processing and labor during manufacture. However, a difference of about +/– 3-5% in tone between different or the same fabric used to manufacture the same or different models of uniforms or accessories is tolerated and the company bears no responsibility in such a case. If the customer does not give clear instructions to the company for the execution of his order or if he does not give the proper instructions, the company reserves the right to adjust prices and the customer is not entitled to rescind the contract.

11. Designs, patterns and color combinations are the intellectual property of the company and are protected by copyright and industrial property law, Greek, European and international.

12. If the customer wishes to add an exclusivity clause for certain designs, patterns or color combinations, there may be an additional charge. The company commits itself that if there is an exclusivity clause, it will not provide anyone else with the designs, patterns and color combinations agreed, for a two (2) year period time. The company is not responsible for designs, patterns and color combinations covered by an exclusivity clause but diffused to third parties by the customer’s environment.

13. For a study to be realized, the customer is charged extra for the development of models beyond those included in the existing collection. He is also charged for the development of patterns for the designs and models he has chosen.

14. The customer has the right to be informed about the progress of his order. The company is not responsible for a delay in the delivery of goods to the customer, due to the fault of its suppliers. In this case, the customer still owes the price and does not have the right to refuse the provision or seek damages.

15. The company will not be liable to compensate the customer in cases of slight negligence or force majeure.

16. Products are shipped to the place indicated by the client by his means and on his charge, unless otherwise agreed. Once the products are delivered to the carrier, the risk passes to the customer. However, these products remain the property of the company for as long as the price is not settled.

17. In case of a small delay in the delivery of goods, the customer is not entitled to withdraw from the entire contract or claim damages.

18. The customer has the obligation, upon receipt of the goods, to check their number and condition. Any shortage or damage of cargo must be marked on the shipping documents.

19. If within seven days of receipt, the client does not send the company a copy of the shipping documents with the corresponding observations and protest, it is presumed that the products are to his total satisfaction and to the quantity agreed. However, the company, within the framework of good faith, upon agreement with the customer, may in special cases, replace faulty goods even after the expiry of the aforesaid period or supplement any shortage in the quantity of goods.

20. The client accepts an error margin of 10% on each item ordered and is not entitled to withdraw from the entire contract or claim damages. For its part, the company undertakes to replace the defective products on its own charge.

21. The company may undertake customer support for a period agreed after the execution of the order (‘after sales service’). Additional charge in this case may be required.

22. The company will not be liable for damage to products, where use has been different from that for which they are intended. The company will not be liable also for damage to products if the customer does not follow its instructions regarding washing, ironing and general maintenance of the products.

23. The entries in the company’s books shall be presumed to constitute conclusive evidence as to their content.

24. If a text exists in several languages, in case of doubt, the predominant is the Greek text.

25. For any dispute between the company and the customer, the applicable law is the Greek law and the competent courts the courts of Piraeus.